Some Arabic Tiles
 Just as William Chow has done, these pages also include outline versions of the tiles.
A user can download the tile and use the paintbucket tool to make his or her own color schemes.
I've drawn these tiles following J. Bourgoin's instructions from his book
Arabic Geometrical Pattern & Design published by Dover Books.
3 Arrows Page 7
Snow Flake 1 Page 36
Snow Flake 2 Page 96
6 Circles Page 103
Six Squares Page 13
Octagon One Page 145

Star of David 2
Variation of Page 20

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Hop's Escher Like Tiles

Tessellating Blocks Toys that tessellate have the power to approximate any shape.

Delta Blocks (Inspired by Escher) This page discusses my toy which was inspired by M.C. Escher's print Flatworms.  Flatwormsshows a structure made from the octahedron/tetrahedron tessellation. The octahedron, tetrahedron structure was also promoted by Buckminster Fuller.

Ram's Horn. A ram's horn spiral plus some spiral tessellations.

Buckminster Fuller's Octetruss This page briefly discusses Buckminster Fuller's invention based on the octahedron/tetrahedron tessellation. For more on Fuller please go to the Links to Other Folks Pages page.

Other Escher Ideas
Escher Perspective Study This page discusses perspective, also features one of my drawings - "Crab".

Escher Dyson Sphere To me this print by Escher looks like a Dyson Sphere! I wonder what he would have thought of this bizarre interpretation.

Curl-Ups as Robots? I asked a Dutch friend to translate the Escher print "Curl Ups". His comments suggest Curl Ups as robots. His translation and comments are on this page.

Fractals from Kepler's Solids This page discusses a fractal idea I had, plus illustrations.

Double Tetrahedron Fractal. A three dimensional  version of the double triangle fractal. This model is incomplete and not very well done. However, I think it suggests an likable family of fractals. This family has an interesting connection with the golden mean

Some thoughts on Christianity

Links To Other Folk's Pages This is an indeed motley assortment of pages. Lots of good stuff!

Hop's Personal Page A page about me.

Ajo Copper News. Our business, a weekly newspaper

Gabrielle's page My sister's page

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