Hop's Escher Tesselation Tiles
Prints of this and other drawings and paintings by Hop
Hop David Coloring Books
tessellation coloring book
A Coloring Book of Escher-like Tessellations
by Hop David
Geoscapes coloring book
A Hop David coloring book
of various geometrical landscapes.

A lot of pages are devoted to space filling polyhedra with an emphasis on octahedra alternating with tetrahedra.
There's also some polyhedra studies, logarithmic spirals, fractals (only the first few iterations or they'd be impossible to color!) and some miscellaneous.
This is an 8 inch by 11 inch book with images printed on each side of a sheet.
There is another version with the same material called an Infinite Coloring Book. This book includes a CD So the user can print out as many images as they like. Pages are perforated so they can be removed from the book without unsightly tears. This version the sheets are printed one side only. The normally 7.5 inch x 9 inch images are truncated to fit the square format.
These coloring books will be a good tool for teachers in helping get kids interested in math.
Some of my illustrations are in a book by Burkard Polster
Eye Twisters which has been out since spring of 2008.
Dog and Bug
Horned Changos (Monkeys)
Horned Toad
Cat and Bird
Animated Perspective Study

 Fourier study.
Animated Sine & Cosine Waves
 Twisted Squares,
an optical illusion
(by my nephew, Gery)
A hexagonal tile by
Peter Raedschelders
Koch/Anti Koch
Spinning Spirals
Flying Pigs
Angels & Devils
Monkey Dog
Karate Thumb
Fractal V

Fracthauer V thumb

Hop's Outer Space Pages

Arabic Tiles
17 Wallpaper Groups

All images Copyright 2008.
My gallery of paintings and drawings
Hop's Pages:

Tessellating Blocks Toys that tessellate have the power to approximate any shape.

Delta Blocks (Inspired by Escher) This page discusses my toy which was inspired by M.C. Escher's print Flatworms.  Flatworms shows a structure made from the octahedron/tetrahedron tessellation. The octahedron, tetrahedron structure was also promoted by Buckminster Fuller.

Ram's Horn. A ram's horn spiral plus some spiral tessellations.

Buckminster Fuller's Octetruss This page briefly discusses Buckminster Fuller's invention based on the octahedron/tetrahedron tessellation. For more on Fuller please go to the Links to Other Folks Pages page.

Other Escher Ideas
Escher Perspective Study This page discusses perspective, also features one of my drawings - "Crab".

Escher Dyson Sphere To me this print by Escher looks like a Dyson Sphere! I wonder what he would have thought of this bizarre interpretation.

Curl-Ups as Robots? I asked a Dutch friend to translate the Escher print "Curl Ups". His comments suggest Curl Ups as robots. His translation and comments are on this page.

Fractals from Kepler's Solids This page discusses a fractal idea I had, plus illustrations.

Double Tetrahedron Fractal. A three dimensional  version of the double triangle fractal. This model is incomplete and not very well done. However, I think it suggests an likable family of fractals. This family has an interesting connection with the golden mean

Some thoughts on Christianity

Links To Other Folk's Pages This is an indeed motley assortment of pages. Lots of good stuff!

Hop's Personal Page A page about me.

Ajo Copper News. Our business, a weekly newspaper

Gabrielle's page My sister's page