R. Buckminster Fuller's Octet Truss

On page 167 of "Inventions, The Patented Works of R. Buckminster Fuller" (St. Martin's Press ©1983) Fuller writes:
"Nature's simplest structural system in the universe is the tetrahedron. The regular tetrahedron does not fill all-space by itself. The octahedron and tetrahedron complement one another to fill all space. Together they produce the simplest, most powerful structural system in the universe . . . .
"It is interesting that at the present time, twenty-two years later, the U.S. government is specifying in its bids for space structures the octet truss (my copyrighted trademark name) for all the main structuring for space stations."
Fuller suggested that the triangular panels shown below could be bolted together or held together by epoxy cement.
Either way they wouldn't make good toys. My panels would make good toys.

The importance of Toys
Most carpenters, engineers, architects and other designers trained in their child hood using
rectangular toys such as Legos˘ or Lincoln Logs˘.
As Fuller points out, other structural systems can
have some advantages over the conventional rectangular.
Designers do not use alternative structural systems as often as they might
because they are less familiar with them.
My toys would make future builders comfortable with
other structural systems than the rectilinear we all know so well.

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