Escher Dyson Sphere
A sufficiently advanced race who wanted to maximize real estate
and utilize all of their star's radiant energy might build a sphere around their sun.
This notion has been called a Dyson Sphere
At the equator a spinning sphere would have enough angular momentum
to offset the star's gravity, but the poles would be prone to collapse.
One way to address this would be a series of Larry Niven type ring worlds
tilted at different angles to the plane of ecliptic.
The M. C. Escher's Concentric Rinds intersect,
sometimes three rings at a juncture, sometimes four.
Even so, I believe Escher's print looks like a multi-ringworld system.

M.C. Escher's Concentric Rinds ©1998 Cordon Art B.V. - Baarn - Holland. All rights reserved
Used with permission

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